Film Funding

  • A Quarter to Thursday in Algiers

    Spring Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    Goussam is pregnant, she has to have a clandestine abortion. She is supposed to be helped by he…

    Sofia Djama / Algeria, France, Belgium / Feature Narrative

  • Queens

    Fall Grants 2019 - Production Stage

    Casablanca, Morocco. A trio of women with the police on their tail embarks on a long escape th…

    Yasmine Benkiran / Morocco, France, Belgium, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Rabbat El Bait

    Fall Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    ‘Rabbat El Bait’ is a story of Mariam, a widowed mother’s life and struggles. From raising her…

    Fatima Abuhaliqa / Qatar / Short Experimental or Essay

  • Red Path

    Fall Grants 2018 - Production Stage

    Two young shepherds, Nizar (16), and his cousin Achraf (14) are grazing their goats on a…

    Lotfi Achour / Tunisia, France, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Republic of Silence

    Fall Grants 2016 - Production Stage

    They grew up in the lands of dictators and surveillance, where images are censored, photos are…

    Diana El Jeiroudi / Syria, Germany, France, Qatar / Feature Documentary

  • Rest In Piece

    Spring Grants 2018 - Production Stage

    Amidst a cacophony of shelling, Midyan is forced to flee his war-torn home. Packing only a suit…

    Antoine Antabi / Germany, France, Qatar / Short Narrative

  • The Return

    Fall Grant 2015 - Production Stage

    Taysir, a historian in his fifties, has settled in the French city of Marseille with his wife M…

    Meyar Al-Roumi / France, Germany, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • The Return Of The Prodigal Son

    Fall Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    Cairo 2009. Back from the army, Salem, 25, joins his family in Cairo’s rag-picking district, ho…

    Rani Massalha / Egypt, Tunisia, France, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Revenge Knows Nothing

    Spring Grants 2020 - Production Stage

    Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with injustice and selfish human actions. 'Revenge Kno…

    Abdulaziz Khashabi, Abdulla Al Janahi / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • The Rise of the Gulf / Beyond Black Gold

    Spring Grant 2013 - Production Stage

    Two films to tell the incredible tale of the metamorphosis of the Gulf’s emirates over the cour…

    Frédéric Compain / France, Qatar, Kuwait / Feature Documentary

  • Rise of the Mad Cat

    Fall Grants 2020 - Production Stage

    In a wasteland, Chimbir the stray cat walks through garbage-filled alleyways, one of many hungr…

    Meshaal Alabdulla, Ibrahim Alabdulla / Qatar / Web Series

  • Riverbed

    Fall Grants 2016 - Production Stage

    Riverbed tells the story of Salma and her returning daughter Thuraya, and their attempt to pres…

    Bassem Breche / Lebanon, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • The Rooftops

    Fall Grant 2012 - Production Stage

    Algiers. An overcrowded city with endless traffic jams, chaotic crowds, rundown buildings, old…

    Merzak Allouache / Algeria, France, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Roqia

    Fall Grants 2022 - Production Stage

    In 1993, Ahmed becomes amnesic after a car crash. He returns to his village, where nothing seem…

    Yanis Koussim / Algeria, France, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Rumors

    Spring Grant 2011 - Production Stage

    Souad and her neighbours’ hearts go out to the people who live around the block, victims of the…

    Azza El-Hassan / Jordan, Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Sahaab

    Spring Grant 2015 - Production Stage

    Following his brother’s death, Nasser and his friend Sanad decide to participate in a falcon ra…

    Khalifa Abdullah Al Muraikhi / Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Samir in the Dust

    Fall Grant 2013 - Production Stage

    I always liked smugglers because they are playing with borders. But, I soon realized that the o…

    Mohamed Ouzine / Algeria, France, Qatar / Feature Documentary

  • Sanad

    Spring Grants 2022 - Production Stage

    While having plans of his own, Jassim is forced to make a stop at a campsite after learning abo…

    Noor Al-Nasr / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Scenes from a Revolt Sustained

    Spring Grant 2011 - Production Stage

    Examining the culture and history of Tunisia and how it has been mediated or ignored by the Wes…

    Kays Mejri, Matt Peterson / France, Tunisia, United States of America, Qatar / Feature Documentary

  • Sea Salt

    Fall Grants 2021 - Production Stage

    On another hot summer day, Nayla wakes up, prays, then accidentally cuts herself while shaving…

    Leila Basma / Lebanon, Czech Republic, Qatar / Short Narrative