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Playground Chronicles

Fall Grant 2011 - Production Stage

Brahim Fritah / Feature Narrative / France, Qatar, Morocco / 2012 / 90 min / Colour and B&W / Original Language: Arabic, French / Interests: About Family, Biography, Period Piece, Immigration, Friendship, Identity


Brahim and his family are of Moroccan descent, and live on the grounds of a crane construction factory in Paris, where Brahim’s father is the caretaker. Every evening, after the plant manager and his employees have left, Brahim and his 13-year-old brother Larbi help their father clean the empty offices. The children suddenly find themselves the rulers of an immense kingdom, where their curiosity and imagination run wild. Standing at the end of the factory yard is an old crane and, when night falls, it inspires Brahim’s imagination, working its way into his dreams.


Brahim Fritah
Brahim Fritah
Philippe Delarue

About the Director

Brahim Fritah was born in Paris in 1973. His debut short, ‘Sweeper’s Chronicles’ (1999), and documentary ‘El censo’ (2001) led to a place at the Cannes Cinéfondation in 2003. Four short films followed: ‘La femme seule’ (2004), a prize-winner at three festivals; ‘Le train’ (2005); ‘Le tableau’ (2008) and the experimental ‘Une si belle inquiétude’ (2011). ‘Playground Chronicles’ marks his feature debut.

Awards and Festival History


Warsaw International Film Festival 2012 (Poland)
Sao Paolo International Film Festival 2012 (Brazil)
Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2012
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013 (USA)
Fribourg International Film Festival 2013 (Switzerland)


Won the JAM award for Best Music at Cinemed - International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier2012 (France)


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    Brahim Fritah

    Futurikon Productions

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