Film Funding

  • Al Tabbab

    QFF Fall 2017 - Development, Production, Production Stage

    During the full moon of every month, sailors journey to a specific spot in the ocean along with…

    Khalifa Al Mana / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Amer: An Arabian Legend

    QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage

    Besides being a champion horse – he won nine of his thirteen starts – Amer is the most influent…

    Jassim Al-Romaihi / Qatar / Short Documentary

  • And Then They Burn the Sea

    QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage

    Through personal family archives, as well as imagined dreams and rituals, the filmmaker witness…

    Majid Al-Remaihi / Qatar / Short Documentary

  • The DNA of Love

    QFF 2015 - Development Stage

    Twenty years ago, while studying in Texas, Nasser, a young Qatari man, fell in love and married…

    Hafiz Ali Ali / Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Dawiha

    QFF Fall 2018 - Development Stage

    Sultan belongs to a broken family. His parents went through a messy divorce, and as a result, h…

    Mahdi Ali Ali / Feature Narrative

  • End Of The Road

    QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage

    In 1990’s Doha, hot-headed Munir is an honest and god fearing taxi driver. His reputation reson…

    Ahmad Al Sharif / Qatar / Short Narrative


    QFF Fall 2018 - Development, Production Stage

    is a short animated film about a successful business women and her relationship with her mothe…

    Amal Al-Shamari / Short Narrative

  • Fragile

    QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage

    Fragile is set in a valley where all the people are made of ceramic and live a very cautious li…

    Khouloud Al Ali / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • HITCH 60

    QFF Fall 2018 - Development, Production Stage

    Amidst the hedonism of 1960s London, when 16-year-old Maureen finds her hopes for higher educat…

    Sara Al Obaidly / Short Documentary

  • I Am Not My Father

    QFF 2016 - Development, Development Stage

    Nine-year-old Jassim lives in a time that is rapidly changing. For us, he seems full of surpris…

    Naif Hassan Al-malki / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • A Journey To From Love

    QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage

    A journey into the mind of someone suffering from loss of love. Not knowing what to do when Haj…

    Abdullah Al-Mulla / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Kakashi

    QFF 2015 - Development Stage

    Kakashi, a Japanese man, lives in a permanent state of panic and insecurity. His fiancée Sayuri…

    Yousef Al Madadi / Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Khuzama

    QFF Spring 2017 - Development Stage

    A young Bedouin woman Leila hides her female identity to survive in the harsh desert of Remal.…

    A.J. Al-Thani / Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Little River

    QFF 2015 - Development Stage

    In Mecca, Amna meets Mariam, who works for a news organisation and is planning on covering the…

    Shaikha Al-Thani / Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • MS7AR

    QFF Fall 2018 - Development, Production Stage

    A young girl seeks to capture the local Ms7ar to wake up her dying grandmother, but can she ove…

    Hassan Al-Jahni / Short Narrative

  • Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 1 & 2 - Nasser Goes to Space

    QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage

    Nasser is a highly creative seven-year-old boy who copes with his parents’ divorce by escaping…

    Mohamed Al Mahmeed / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 1 & 4 - 1001 Days

    QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage

    Within a traditional fairy-tale structure, this animated short addresses eternal issues like sa…

    Aisha Al-Jaidah / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 1 - Olayan

    QFF Fall 2017 - Production Stage

    A Bedouin boy named Hamad forms a bond with a new-born camel, who he calls Olayan. When Olayan…

    Khalifa Al-Marri / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 2 - Al-Johara

    QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage

    Every fairytale has a reality. ‘Al-Johara’ is a Qatari take on the classic Cinderella tale acce…

    Nora Al-Subai / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 4 - Our Time Is Running Out

    QFF 2015 -

    In a blissful alternate universe, a society of children lives according to strict rules, and de…

    Meriem Mesraoua / Qatar / Short Narrative