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I Am Not My Father

QFF 2016 - Development, Development Stage

Naif Hassan Al-malki / Short Narrative / Qatar / 15 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Comedy, Drama


Nine-year-old Jassim lives in a time that is rapidly changing. For us, he seems full of surprises, but to Jassim, becoming a superhero is his destined future, so he works hard to achieve it. ‘Boy Meets World’ follows a day in Jassim’s life. We discover the environment around him slowly, and see how this boy faces up to his biggest challenge: how to fulfil his destiny while everyone around him believes superheroes are myths. We also witness some of Jassim’s attempts to prove that he is the next Superman, and consider one of his other challenges: can he overcome the power of Motawa? However, ‘Boy Meets World’ is not about Jassim’s dream or his life; rather, it is a message to parents to open up the sky allow their children to fly.

About the Director

Naif Al-Malki is an independent film writer and content creator who focuses on social videos and awareness work. He started the Youth Foundation’s first YouTube show in Qatar in 2010. Recently, he and his team launched a new show called ‘Saleh Show’. Al-Malki has created several social videos, one of which is a commercial called ‘Live for Them’, and he wrote and directed ‘We Are the World’, a public service announcement about climate change. A critical thinker, Al-Malki still believes in Superman.


  • Director

    Naif Hassan Al-Malki

    Independent Filmmaker

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