Film Funding

Further strengthening its commitment to national film talent, the Doha Film Institute launched a film fund dedicated to supporting short and feature filmmaking by Qataris.

The Qatari Film Fund call for submission has closed for 2024. Applicants interested in future cycles are encouraged to check back here or follow our social media accounts for future announcements.

The Qatari Film Fund offers support for the furtherance of the skills and accomplishments of Qatari filmmakers. The fund is committed to the development of up to four feature films, and the development, production and post-production of up to eight short films annually. Feature films developed through the fund are eligible for financial support for production, and one film will be selected for production funding in the following year. Projects are selected through two funding cycles per year.

Short films are eligible for funding valued at up to QAR182,500 that includes development, production and post-production funds, mentorship, equipment and production support from the Institute. The Institute will work closely with successful applicants throughout the development, production and post-production stages, working with each filmmaker to develop and finalise scripts, establish budgets and schedules, secure creative and technical teams and provide mentorship opportunities with industry specialists as required.

Feature film treatments and screenplays at any level of progress are eligible for development funding valued at up to QAR182,500 that includes development services, mentorship, equipment and other support from the Institute. The Institute will work with each filmmaker to provide bespoke development services, including research, script notes and feedback, script editors, writers’ fees, legal services, location scouting, budgeting and scheduling, casting, etc.

Further, the Institute will continue to provide creative and technical training and mentoring through its Learning Initiatives. Qatari screenwriters, writer-directors and producers are encouraged to approach the Institute with film ideas currently in the early stages of development. The Institute will assist with the development, production and post-production of projects through filmmaking workshops and in-house development, and help prepare applications for funding from the Qatari Fund as appropriate.

Qatari Film Fund - Short Film Funding
General Guidelines

1. Funding is available to Qatari directors and writers
2. The director attached to the film must be a Qatari national. The screenwriter and producer can be of any nationality
3. There are no restrictions on the subject of proposed films
4. Short films duration are defined as follows:
a. Narrative (up to 12 minutes)
b. Animation (up to 7 minutes, 2D Only)
c. Documentary (up to 30 minutes)
5. A director may be attached to only one project per funding cycle
6. Projects submitted previously that did not receive funding are eligible to reapply, as per the current eligibility criteria
7. No third-party funding is considered
8. Projects already in production or post-production stages are not eligible.
9. A director applying for funding must have completed at least one short film
10. Submissions must include either a final or draft script. Projects missing a script, or those only submitting other documents in lieu of a script (i.e., treatment, outline, synopsis, etc.) will be considered incomplete. Detailed treatments are accepted for documentary projects only

Qatari Film Fund - Feature Film Development Funding
General Guidelines

1. Funding is available to Qatari directors and writers
2. The applicant must own copyright or part-copyright for a feature film project or wish to option material
3. An applicant must apply as either a writer, writer-director, or director
4. There are no restrictions on subject or genre for proposed films
5. Feature-length films are defined as 80 minutes or longer in duration
6. A director applying for funding for a feature film must have completed at least one short film

Doha Film Institute reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time without notice.

Scripts should be written with the production budget in mind, with films with a large number of locations and/or cast proving problematic, as does 3D animation. Please email if you have any further queries in this regard, prior to applying to the Fund.

Funding Consideration Stages

Eligible projects are considered for funding in three stages:

Stage 1: Please submit your project with the submission requirements as per the chart below by email to Projects will be evaluated by a selection committee of Institute staff and external deliberators.

Stage 2: If your project is shortlisted, you will be contacted for an interview to discuss your project. You will meet with Institute development, production and post-production executives who will discuss development, production and post-production requirements.

Stage 3: You will be notified whether or not your application is successful. If your application is unsuccessful, the Institute will offer, upon request, notes and feedback on your project and suggest development opportunities through one of the Institute’s Learning Initiatives. You may reapply for support for the same project in a later funding cycle should you wish.

If your application is successful, the Institute will collaborate with you on the development, production and post-production of your project to its fullest potential.

Submission Requirements

All projects Synopsis (up to 200 words)
Director's letter of intention
Director biography (up to 100 words)
Link(s) to previous work
Scan of director passport
If Narritave Draft Script (up to 12 pages)
If Documentary Treatment minumum 4 pages
If Animation Draft Script (up to 7 pages)
Storyboard and/or Concept Artwork If available
Narritave Logline (up to two sentences)
Synopsis (up to 200 words)
Draft script or treatment (10 to 20 pages)
Director's letter of intention and visual treatment If available
Director/Writer/ Producer biography (up to 100 words)
Link(s) to previous work
Scan of director/writer/producer passport