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Synopsis: A woman finds refuge in a second marriage to a wealthy man, but her existence remains fragile as she navigates his patriarchal values and penchant for taking mistresses.

Before, Now & Then


Synopsis: After leaving and losing his sister in a riot that occurs at an underground music concert, a boy tries to join the group to find reasons and answers for his guilt.



Synopsis: Eddy tries to prove to Eni’s father that he’s worth it to be Eni’s husband by going hajj to Mecca. But something along the way makes the journey have its obstacles.

Mecca, I’m Coming


With: Reda Kateb, Lyna Khoudri, Raphaël Personnaz, Samir Guesmi

Synopsis: December 5th, 1986. Thousands of students take to the streets of Paris to protest the harsh higher education reforms. Twenty-year-old Abdel Benyahia attempts to

Our Brothers