Training & Development

The Doha Film Institute Training and Development Initiatives nurture filmmakers in an atmosphere of curiosity and inclusivity through two parallel streams that provide opportunities for skills-sharing, feedback and direction from mentors.

In our Workshops and Labs, creative skills are shared in a series of discussions and practical exercises that delve into personal introspection, explore approaches to visual writing, consider various methods of film analysis and provide tangible knowledge in all areas of the filmmaking process.

Creative Consultations with our Development team engage filmmakers based in Qatar with projects in various stages of evolution. After discussing current material with the creators, we provide feedback and bespoke advice on how to make projects ready to take the next step toward completion. If you are interested in these consultations, please email

For general programme enquiries, please email

Our aspiration is to expose filmmakers to the full range of cinematic styles, ideas and approaches in order to situate their work within the broader context of the art of cinema.

We believe that filmmaking is a journey of self-discovery, and our workshops and consultations offer a safe haven for the creative development of an authentic personal voice.

Hezayah Screenwriting Lab
• Session 1: 12 – 17 June (online)
• Session 2: 24 – 28 September 2020
• Session 3: January 2021

Series Lab
• Session 1: 15 – 19 July (online)
• Session 2: 7 – 11 October
• Session 3: Jan 2021

Short Documentary Lab with Rithy Panh
• 22 July – 22 October (online)

Podcast Lab
• 20 – 27 October 2020 (online)

Producers Lab
• 2 – 8 November 2020 (online)

Short Script Lab
• 31st January to 7th February 2021 (online)