Ajyal Film Festival 2023

Doha Film Institute Statement: Cancellation of 11th Ajyal Film Festival.

In solemn solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we at the Doha Film Institute (DFI) will be cancelling this year's edition of the Ajyal Film Festival. As those of you familiar with the Festival have come to know, Ajyal as an event is much more than an annual celebration of the art of storytelling. At its heart, Ajyal is a grassroots event that is created and delivered by the community, for the community. At this time, we are grieving alongside the community within our region and are devastated by the staggering daily loss of innocent lives. It is simply not a time for celebration, it is a time for focused and intentional action.

Since its inception, DFI has championed voices from underrepresented communities worldwide with the aim of bringing a balance in narratives to the world of storytelling. Amplifying Palestinian stories has always been crucial in our work as a cultural organisation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering their authentic representation and stand firmly for the accurate portrayal of their experiences and humanity.

In this spirit, in lieu of delivering this year’s edition of the Ajyal Film Festival, the Institute will be exploring new avenues to use our platform to expand the reach and volume of Palestinian voices worldwide. The time for meaningful action is now, and it is more important than ever for us to continue to serve as a conduit for their unfiltered narratives to be heard, recognised, and respected.

With resolve and with your support during this critical time, we look forward to standing together in the pursuit of a peaceful and just future.