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Geekdom 2024: Choose Your Character
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Welcome to Geekdom 2024, where creativity is celebrated, friendships are forged, and memories that matter are made. We’ve truly levelled up this year and are bigger and better than ever before—bringing you an even more thrilling and wider array of activities that celebrate all things pop culture.

Join us as we play host to enthralling e-sport tournaments, unmissable screenings, electrifying live concerts, mind-bending escape rooms, enlightening talks, tabletop gaming adventures, picture-perfect photo booth, fun karaoke, a bustling artist alley, laid-back lounges, captivating cosplay competitions and much more…

So, get ready to play—from warriors to wizards—we have something for every character at the fun-filled Geekdom Building on the famous Lusail Boulevard this 15-24 February!

The Sixth Dimension - 50 QAR (for ages 12 and above) / 25 QAR for below 12s)

Access to our Gallery and our one and only Sixth Dimension, where every corner is a new adventure, and every turn is a discovery waiting to be made!

More info here

Error 404 - 50 QAR

Entry to our Gallery and our enigmatic Error 404!

More info here

The Sixth Dimension at Geekdom

Welcome to The Sixth Dimension—an enigmatic zone of imagination and interactive fun at Geekdom. Here, every corner is a new adventure, every turn a discovery waiting to be made. Get ready to explore the various activities and exhibits that make The Sixth Dimension a first on the to-do list for any Geek in Qatar!

Welcome to Geekdom’s Escape Room— Error 404!

Step into a world of mystery and excitement with Geekdom's Escape Room ‘Error 404’! Designed for the brave, the clever, and the adventurous, our escape room challenges participants to solve intricate puzzles, decode riddles, and work together in a race against time.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to escape ‘Error 404’?