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  • Thu Dec 29, 08:00 PM, VOX Cinemas, DFC

Doha Film Institute and VOX Cinemas Qatar are proud to bring you the very latest and critically acclaimed releases from the world of independent cinema. Every month, we will be screening another unmissable original film.

Upcoming Screenings:

Until Tomorrow

29 December 2022 – 8:00 PM
30 December 2022 – 8:00 PM
31 December 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: Ali Asgari
Starring: Sadaf Asgari, Ghazal Shojaei, Babak Karimi, Amirreza Ranjbaran, Nahal Dashti

Fereshteh is a young mother facing a serious dilemma. On the surface, she is relatively happy, studying and working in a print shop in Tehran, with dreams of one day travelling abroad. But her parents are coming to visit, and she has kept a secret from them—her two-month-old daughter. Born out of wedlock and with little help from the father, Fereshteh and her trusted friend Atefeh must resort to increasingly desperate measures to keep her baby hidden and safe in a city with limited options for a mother living outside of traditionally accepted family norms.

Rating: 18+
Genre: Drama
Language: Farsi / Arabic
Subtitles: English

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Past Screenings:

The Innocents

27 October 2022 – 8:00 PM
28 October 2022 – 8:00 PM
29 October 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: Eskil Vogt
Starring: Rakel Lenora Fløttum, Alva Brynsmo Ramstad, Sam Ashraf

During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal mysterious powers. But what starts out innocent soon takes a dark and violent turn in this gripping supernatural thriller.

Rating: 18+
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: Arabic and English

Whether the Weather is Fine

28 July 2022 – 8:00 PM
29 July 2022 – 8:00 PM
30 July 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: Carlo Francisco Manatad
Starring: Daniel Padilla, Charo-Santos, Rans Rifol

Determined to flee to the big city after Typhoon Haiyan ravages a coastal town, Miguel searches for his mother Norma and his beloved Andrea before another storm approaches.

Rating: 15+
Genre: Drama
Language: Visayan
Subtitles: Arabic and English

The Rose Maker

23 June 2022 – 8:00 PM
24 June 2022 – 8:00 PM
25 June 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: by Pierre Pinaud
Starring: Catherine Frot, Manel Foulgoc, Fatsah Bouyahmed

Eve Vernet was the largest rose grower. It is now on the verge of bankruptcy, on the verge of being bought out by a powerful competitor. In addition, Véra, her faithful secretary, employed three employees without any gardening skills.

Rating: 18+
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Language: French
Subtitles: Arabic and English

Casablanca Beats

24 March 2022 – 8:00 PM
25 March 2022 – 8:00 PM
26 March 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: Nabil Ayouch
Starring: Anas Basbousi, Ismail Adouab

Former rapper Anas takes a job at a cultural centre in a working-class neighbourhood in Casablanca. Encouraged by their new teacher, his students will try to free themselves from the weight of restrictive traditions in order to live their passions and express themselves through hip-hop…

Rating: 18+
Genre: Drama, Music
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: Arabic and English

C’mon C’mon

24 February 2022 – 8:00 PM
25 February 2022 – 8:00 PM
26 February 2022 – 8:00 PM
28 February 2022 – 8:00 PM
1 March 2022 – 8:00 PM
2 March 2022 – 8:00 PM

Directed by: Mike Mills
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, Woody Norman

Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and his young nephew (Woody Norman) forge a tenuous but transformational relationship when they are unexpectedly thrown together in this delicate and deeply moving story about the connections between adults and children, the past and the future, from writer-director Mike Mills.

Rating: 15+
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Subtitles: Arabic

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