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Al Tabbab

QFF Fall 2017 - Production Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Khalifa Al Mana / Short Narrative / Qatar / 6 min / Original Language: No Dialogue / Interests: 3D Animation


During the full moon of every month, sailors journey to a specific spot in the ocean along with their valuables to make a pearl trade with a sea monster who controls the waters and allows no one to dive into the sea. Ali, the captain’s son, who is assigned as Al Tabbab on this trip is not convinced the trade is fair, especially since what they get in return from the monster are oysters that may or may not contains pearls. Will Ali, the captain and the crew overcome their fears and ask for a fair trade or fight back against the monster?


Khalifa Al Mana
Khalifa Al Mana

About the Director

Khalifa Al Mana, is a senior project engineer and animator, with particular skill in the field of animation production. He aims to bring original local stories of great relevance to Qatari culture in animation form.


  • Director

    Khalifa Al Mana

    Independent Filmmaker

  • Main Contact

    Qatari Film Fund


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