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The Rise of the Gulf / Beyond Black Gold

Spring Grant 2013 - Production Stage

Frédéric Compain / Feature Documentary / France, Qatar, Kuwait / 2014 / 104 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, English, French / Interests: Documentary, History


Two films to tell the incredible tale of the metamorphosis of the Gulf’s emirates over the course of the last century. Once villages, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai have quickly hoisted themselves into the highest ranks of international finance, culture, education and diplomacy, and have become the Middle East’s most dynamic centres. Their vision of the post-oil era has been shaped by a previous, difficult transition – the collapse of pearl trade, for centuries the main source of prosperity. But the discovery of oil opened up a whole new era, and with economic growth came political independence. A new generation of rulers appeared, with a vision for the Gulf’s future. Their ambition is to achieve sustainable growth without relying only on hydrocarbon reserves – and they have considered the post-oil era more thoughtfully than most of their foreign customers.


Frédéric Compain
Frédéric Compain
Talal Al-Muhanna, Olivier Mille

About the Director

Since 1974, award-winning filmmaker Frédéric Compain has directed many documentary and fiction films for cinema and television. He had previously made documentaries in collaboration with major cultural institutions, including ‘Delacroix: My Last Years’ (1998) and ‘The Battle of the Pyramid’ (1999) with the Louvre; ‘Casa Mila’ (2003) with the Musée d’Orsay and ‘Iris Time’ (2003) with the Centre Georges Pompidou. His interests range from architecture (‘The Alhambra of Granada’, 2006) to history (‘Louis XVI’, 2011; ‘Versailles, the Golden Years’, 2009) and international economic issues (‘Airbus-EADS’, 2009).


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