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Fall Grants 2016 - Production Stage

Suha Arraf / Feature Narrative / Palestine, France, Germany, Qatar / 2018 / 95 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Social Issues, Satire


A poster appears on the walls of the Palestinian village of Reith, accusing the local women of moral dissolution. This causes a stir among the inhabitants and forces the local council to make a difficult decision: should they call upon the Israeli authorities to investigate, or abandon the accused women to their fate?


Suha Arraf
Suha Arraf
Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet
Production Company
ASAP Films
Production Company
ASAP Films

About the Director

Suha Arraf was born in the Palestinian village of Melia, near the border with Lebanon. She began her filmmaking career as a documentary producer. Her most recent film as a producer, ‘Women of Hamas’ (2010), received 13 awards at international film festivals. Arraf’s first two screenplays, ‘The Syrian Bride’ (2004) and ‘The Lemon Tree’ (2008), both directed by Eran Riklis, won international acclaim, with the latter winning the prize for Best Screenplay at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and a Best Screenplay nomination at the European Film Academy Awards. In 2014, Arraf was one of ‘Variety’ magazine’s Top 10 Screenwriters to Watch.


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