Film Funding

  • Al Baseer - The Blind Ferryman

    Fall Grants 2023 - Post-Production Stage

    The blind ferryman Ayoub lives with his mother and religious brother in the Iraqi marshes. He a…

    Ali Al-Fatlawi / Iraq, Switzerland, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Arkala Gilgamesh's Dream

    Fall Grants 2023 - Post-Production Stage

    Chum-Chum, a nine-year-old dreamy street kid with diabetes, and his best friend, Moody, a tough…

    Mohamed Al-daradji / Iraq, United Arab Emirates, France, United Kingdom, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Disco Afrika: A Malagasy Story

    Fall Grants 2023 - Post-Production Stage

    Madagascar, nowadays. Twenty-year-old Kwame struggles to make a living in the clandestine sapph…

    Luck Razanajaona / Madagascar, France, Mauritius, Germany, South Africa, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • L’mina

    Spring Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    The film is set in Jerada, a former mining town in northeast Morocco that experienced its golde…

    Randa Maroufi / France, Morocco, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Qatar / Short Experimental or Essay

  • Not Dead But Sleeping

    Fall Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    ‘Not Dead But Sleeping’ is a film about two women whose worlds collide as they confront grief a…

    Arwa Aburawa, Turab Shah / Jordan, Sweden, United Kingdom, Qatar / Short Narrative

  • Rabies

    Spring Grants 2023 - Development Stage

    Julia (60) is an ageing History professor who was a fighter in the Lebanese war. A free soul, s…

    Sandra Tabet / Lebanon, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • The Return Of The Prodigal Son

    Fall Grants 2023 - Production Stage

    Cairo 2009. Back from the army, Salem, 25, joins his family in Cairo’s rag-picking district, ho…

    Rani Massalha / Egypt, Tunisia, France, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Thiiird

    Fall Grants 2022 - Post-Production Stage

    In a village outside Beirut, a mechanic receives many visitors who need to repair their cars. H…

    Karim Kassem / Lebanon, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Who Do I Belong To

    Spring Grants 2019 - Production Stage

    Aicha, a Tunisian mother gifted with prophetic dreams, lives in a rural farm with her husband B…

    Meryam Joobeur / Tunisia, France, Canada, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar / Feature Narrative