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Spring Grants 2023 - Production Stage

Randa Maroufi / Short Experimental or Essay / France, Morocco, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Qatar / 20 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Documentary, Experimental, Fiction


The film is set in Jerada, a former mining town in northeast Morocco that experienced its golden age in the 1930s when coal powered most of the world’s industry. Over the decades, the town slowly declined as alternative sources of fuel increased in popularity, with the mine completely ceasing operations in 2001. Since the mine’s closing, the town has slipped into a deep recession, with social affliction and unrest sweeping the local population.

‘L’mina’ will be a hybrid film and create an archive of Jerada that spans various eras of its history. The film offers a portrait of this working-class town via a strong cinematic focus on Mise-en-scène in addition to concentrated periods of time spent with the townspeople and listening to their memories and stories of what it used to be. Significantly, I set out to make this work at a moment when much of the ”developed” world is shifting away from fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy. As the earth’s people grapple with the possibilities of impending climate catastrophe, many of the most vulnerable populations are also left scrambling to sustain a livelihood in the wake of seismic change.


Randa Maroufi
Randa Maroufi
Randa Maroufi, Oumayma Zekri, Ajarrai
Executive Producer
Creative producer: Leonardo Bigazzi
Production Company
Production: Shatamata Production (France), Co-production: Tifaw Films (Morocco), Fondazione In Between Art Film (Italy)

About the Director

Randa Maroufi is a Fine Arts graduate of Tetouan (Morocco), Angers (France) and Le Fresnoy (France). She was an Artist Member of France Academy in Madrid, Casa de Velázquez, from 2017 – 2018. Randa Maroufi belongs to this generation that grew up in an era dominated by images. She collects them with as much eagerness as suspicion and ceaselessly questions their veracity. She prefers to put her ambiguous fictions in the service of reality, and the field of her experimentation encompasses the occupation of public space and gender issues, of which she highlights the founding mechanisms.


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