Ajyal Film Festival 2024

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  • Bachir in Wonderland

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2018

    This absorbing documentary records a few weeks in the life of the stateless 10-year-old Saharan…

    Els Duran, Evelien Vehof / Netherlands / Short Documentary

  • Between You and Me

    Hilal - ages 13+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    A teenager’s fear of rejection is so debilitating that it takes the form of a threatening prese…

    Quentin Haberham, Henry Brummelman, Rutgher Jousma / Netherlands / Short Narrative

  • Caminandes: Llama Drama

    Bariq - ages 4+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    A llama comes to the side of a highway. But every time a hoof touches the asphalt, the empty ro…

    Pablo Vazquez / Netherlands / Short Narrative

  • En Route

    Ajyal Competition - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2010

    When nine-year-old Inay and her little brother are asked to join their father on a special trip…

    Marit Weerheijm / Netherlands / Short Narrative

  • Hear This!

    Mohaq - ages 8+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    Tristan’s father is deaf, and also happens to be an amazing football player. His dream is to co…

    Soulaima El Khaldi / Netherlands / Short Documentary

  • Ink

    Ajyal Competition, Ajyal at Katara - Ajyal Film Festival 2021

    An octopus is a bit of a neat freak. But sometimes, even though you have so many arms, you stil…

    Erik Verkerk, Joost van den Bosch / Netherlands / Short Narrative

  • It's Nice In Here

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    A fragmented portrait of a boy nicknamed Crimson, seen through the eyes of the police officer t…

    Robert-Jonathan Koeyers / Netherlands / Short Animation