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Bachir in Wonderland

Ajyal Competition

Els Duran, Evelien Vehof / Short Documentary / Netherlands / 2017 / 16 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic, Spanish / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Documentary


This absorbing documentary records a few weeks in the life of the stateless 10-year-old Saharan boy Bachir as he travels to a summer camp in Spain. We follow him as he leaves his tent in a refugee camp in the middle of the Algerian Dessert to join a family in the bustling city of Barcelona. Will this adventure affect the hopes and dreams he's inherited from his late father?

About the Directors

Els Duran holds a degree in social anthropology and works as a freelance journalist and researcher. She writes about migration, identities, human rights, and food cultures. She is currently working on an art project on statelessness with the foundation Creative Court.

Evelien Vehof studied Social Cultural Work before finishing her Master's in Journalism. She has also worked with children in Ghana and refugee children in the Netherlands. Together with Els Duran, she’s been making stories about stateless people in different countries to see how to survive in a world where nationality is essential.


Els Duran, Evelien Vehof
Els Duran, Evelien Vehof
Hilt Teuwen, Carlijn Teeven, Kiyomi Molin
Matthieu Hes
Wouter Boes
Els Duran, Evelien Vehof

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