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Ajyal Film Festival 2018

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Runtime: 79 min

Join us for an inspiring selection of short films which illustrate that good things come to those who never give up.


  • The Elephant's Song

    Ajyal Competition

    'The Elephant's Song' tells the true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America.

    Lynn Tomlinson / United States of America / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Antouni

    Ajyal Competition

    A personal look at the effect of displacement, this film centres on Lori, a young girl who is travelling with…

    Alik Tamar / Armenia, United States of America / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Two Balloons

    Ajyal Competition

    We join two very adventurous lemurs as they fly their majestic airships across the beautiful sky one day.

    Mark C. Smith / United States of America / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Odd Is an Egg

    Ajyal Competition

    A young boy named Odd is so concerned about crushing his fragile head that he is afraid to join in any of the…

    Kristin Ulseth / Norway, Portugal / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Gummy Gas Crisis

    Ajyal Competition

    Gummy Gas Crisis tells the story of a space gasman, Ed, who must overcome various obstacles in order to save h…

    Rodrigo Díaz / Argentina / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Bachir in Wonderland

    Ajyal Competition

    This absorbing documentary records a few weeks in the life of the stateless 10-year-old Saharan boy Bachir as…

    Els Duran, Evelien Vehof / Netherlands / 2017 / Short Documentary

  • Two Trams

    Ajyal Competition

    Every morning, two city trams roam the streets of a bustling city serving local citizens and driving them

    Svetlana Andrianova / Russian Federation / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Siblings

    Ajyal Competition

    The children and youth featured in this thought-provoking and heartwarming documentary all have one thing in

    James Michael Chiang / Canada / 2016 / Short Documentary

  • Post No Bills

    Ajyal Competition

    The life of a street flyer can get pretty lonely from time to time, and on an urban city wall plastered with

    Robin Hays / Canada / 2017 / Short Narrative

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