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Zyara - Season Five

Spring Grants 2020 - Production Stage

Muriel Aboulrouss / Web Series / Lebanon, Qatar / 60 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Creative Documentary


An award-winning web series created by Muriel Aboulrouss and Denise Jabbour, produced by Home of Cine-Jam—‘Zyara’ is an Arabic word that means “visit” or “encounter”. In this series of poeticized portraits featuring authentic emotional stories of resilience from people living in Lebanon, ‘Zyara’ highlights people who transcended their greatest challenges in life and kept moving forward with faith and positivity. We believe that we are here on a visit and we don’t know how short it is. We believe that we need to learn from each other, respect one another and focus on what brings us together, as our tagline says— “Life is a beautiful Zyara”.


Muriel Aboulrouss
Denise Jabbour

About the Director

Muriel Aboulrouss is a multiple award-winning cinematographer from Lebanon. Her numerous cinematography credits include multiple feature documentaries, films and web series. 'Zyara', the award-winning doc web series, is her first creation as a director/cinematographer, in partnership with Denise Jabbour, produced by their humanitarian Arts association: Home of Cine-Jam. Muriel is now committed to her mission as a Zyara maker and a teacher/mentor empowering and guiding filmmakers to finding their own cinematic language through the intuitive filmlab.


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    Denise Jabbour

    Home of Cine-Jam

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