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Spring Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Yossera Bouchtia / TV Series / United States of America, Morocco, Qatar / 50 min / Original Language: Arabic, English, French / Interests: Thriller, Supernatural


‘Yasmine/Jasmine’ is a one-hour limited series centring on Jasmine (24), a first-generation immigrant who suffers from an inexpressible existential grief related to her distant homeland of North Africa. Jasmine falls into a deep state of shock after her mother unexpectedly dies, which subsequentially triggers intense and horrifying visions of a doppelgänger ghost named Yasmine, who grows relentless at disrupting Jasmine’s American life. Her visions of Yasmine only intensify when she arrives in Marrakesh, Morocco, to lay her mother’s body to rest. After reconnecting with her extended family, Jasmine begins to wonder and ask questions about her estranged father. However, to her dismay, Jasmine’s family adamantly keeps his whereabouts a secret, preventing any possibility of closure. Until late one night, Jasmine discovers a mysterious family photo album filled with images of her teenage self in Morocco with her father—an impossible reality. After stealing a photograph from the family album and receiving a prophecy from a Seer, she goes out on the road in search of her father’s hometown, where she finally begins her journey in confronting a dark curse, navigating the Moroccan occult, all in order to reclaim a part of herself she never knew.


Yossera Bouchtia
Yossera Bouchtia
Yossera Bouchtia
Production Company
Jabriel Film Productions

About the Director

Yossera Bouchtia is a Moroccan American drama and thriller screenwriter/director whose work is committed to challenging stereotypes, dispelling misconceptions and shedding light on hidden truths while bridging the gap between the eastern and western worlds. Yossera received her MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University in New York City, and earned both a BS in Psychology and a BA in Cinema from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Her narrative short films have been screened at the Salento International Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, FilmShop Breakthrough Series, and Women’s International Film Festival in Salé, Morocco. At present, she is developing a limited series, 'Yasmine/Jasmine', which was selected by the Cine Qua Non Lab for the Storylines 2020 program, the Torino Film Lab Next TV 2021 program and the 2021 Gotham TV Series Lab. Yossera is currently based in Virginia and is an Assistant Professor of Cinema at VCU School of the Arts.


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