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Wooden Rifle

Fall Grant 2012 - Development Stage

Alfouz Tanjour / Feature Narrative / Syria, Lebanon, Qatar / 2014 / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama


During the Syrian revolution, 21-year-old Noor tries to escape with his mother to Europe to live with his father, a former political prisoner, who managed to leave Syria and started working as a smuggler after all his beliefs are changed. Noor’s mother refuses to leave Damascus in spite of the war, until Noor is able to convince her to flee after their house is destroyed and all their documents are lost. Advised by Noor’s father, they travel by sea, but things go in an unexpected direction when the boat capsizes and the mother dies. Not long after Noor’s arrival, his father goes into a coma after a fight over his dirty work, and Noor finds himself obliged to take care of his father amid all this mess.


Alfouz Tanjour
Alfouz Tanjour
Linda Zahra
Production Company
Cinemood Productions
Production Company
Cinemood Productions

About the Director

Alfouz Tanjour was born in Salameih, Syria in 1975, and studied Filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Republic of Moldova. He has made several projects as director, director of photography, editor or executive producer, including over 15 documentaries for the Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, including 'Damascus City Symphony', Beyond the City's Walls' and 'Faraway, So Close from Borderline'. Tanjour’s short ‘A Little Sun’ (2007) won the Tanit de Bronze at the Carthage Film Festival. His documentary version of ‘Wooden Rifle’ (2013) took the Public Liberties & Human Rights Award at the Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival and the Gold Panda for Best Asian Production. ‘Wooden Rifle’ is his first narrative feature.


  • Director

    Alfouz Tanjour


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