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What's Your Story? Part I

Fall Grant 2011 - Production/Post-Production Stage
Current project status: COMPLETED

Jamal Khalaile, Pauline Carbonnier / Feature Experimental or Essay / Palestine, France, Qatar / 2012 / 55 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, Hebrew / Interests: Documentary, Middle Eastern, Politics, History, Religion, Social Issues, Identity, Docufiction


Jamal, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, meets five young Israelis with differing ideological perspectives. Through conversations about a variety of topics, they define their identities and express how they see themselves. They explore their identities at a deeper level than the simplistic image of Israeli as executioner, attempting to find the person within the political persona. From this point, their discussion moves to ways of giving space for the ‘Other’ to exist without delegitimising their own existence.


Jamal Khalaile, Pauline Carbonnier
Pauline Carbonnier
Jamal Khalaile, Pauline Carbonnier, Baheir Agbariya

About the Director

Jamal Khalaile was born in Acre in 1976 and graduated with a cinema and television degree from Jerusalem’s Hadassah College, where he studied directing and editing. He worked as location manager for filmmakers Elia Suleiman (‘The Time That Remains’), Tawfik Abu Wael (‘Tnathur’), Sameh Zoabi (‘Man Without Cell-Phone’) and Hiam Abbas (‘Inheritance’). Khalaile also edited the feature film ‘Bena’ by Niv Klainer.

Pauline Carbonnier was born in France and has directed several documentary films in Asia. She wrote and co-directed Part 1 of ‘Sho Qostak’ with Jamal Khalaile, and is now co-writing the second part of the trilogy in addition to working on her first feature film.

Production Company Profile

Baher Agbariya has produced several short fiction and feature documentary films as well as co-producing the fiction film ‘Atash’. Additionally, he has worked as a line producer on several Palestinian and international feature productions: Hani Abu Assad's ‘Paradise Now’ (2005); Tawfik Abu Wael's ‘Last Days in Jerusalem’ (2011); and Sameh Zoabi's ‘Man Without a Cellphone’ (2010). In 2010, he produced his first feature-length film, Jessica Habbie's ‘Mars at Sunrise’.

Awards and Festival History


Panorama des films du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient 2013 (France)


  • Main Contact

    Jamal Khalaile

    +972 549 219 029

  • Main Contact

    Pauline Carbonnier


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