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Fall Grant 2011 - Development Stage

Hassiba Belhadj / Feature Documentary / Algeria, France, Qatar / 2013 / 70 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Women, Documentary, Politics, History, Biography, Social Issues, Youth, Immigration, Female Director, Family, Based on a True Story, Identity


I hate the bled! When I was young, every summer, going to Algeria, I couldn’t do anything without my older brothers. They were treated like kings, while I was the ‘under woman’. My aunt once told me, ‘You like freedom too much’. What could that have meant? Algerians aren’t free? My aunt isn’t free? Guys leaning up against a wall, no job, nothing to do all day: I hated going to the bled because I hated their lives. In Algeria, people live on hope and regrets. What can the future be, stuck between nothing to expect and nothing to live for?


Hassiba Belhadj
Hassiba Belhadj
Olivier Daunizeau

About the Director

Hassiba Belhadj is a French-Algerian director of documentary films and a production manager with Zadig Productions in Paris. She graduated from the prestigious European Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual in France, and has worked for many years as a production manager and assistant director with well-known directors including Tanaz Eshagian, Nino Kirtadzé, Alain Bergala and William Karel.


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