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Tropic of violence

Spring Grants 2021 - Post-Production Stage

Manuel Schapira / Feature Narrative / France, Qatar / 70 min / Original Language: French / Interests: Drama, Adaptation


Mary is a nurse in Mayotte. One night on the beach, a young woman rescued from a “kwassa” (a clandestine boat from the Comoros), entrusts her baby to her. The child has eyes of different colours, and according to some beliefs, this anomaly is associated with the devil. Mary takes the child in and decides to raise him alone, naming him Moses. There he lives as a pampered and protected child until the age of 13, when Mary dies suddenly. In search of his roots, Moses goes to one of the slums, where dozens of orphans are entirely left to their own devices. There, he meets Bruce, the head of the slum, tyrannical and unpredictable. On this burning island, Moses’ destiny is turned upside down.


Manuel Schapira
Delphine de Vigan, Manuel Schapira
Carole Lambert - Windy Production
Production Company
Windy Production

About the Director

After studying cinema at the Louis Lumiere school, Manuel Schapira started working as an operator on documentaries. He has directed two short documentaries and eight short films, including ‘Décroche’, which won the Silver Bear in Berlin (2007), and ‘Les Meutes’, selected for the Cesar Awards (2013). ‘Tropic of Violence’ is the first feature film directed by him, for which he co-wrote the screenplay.


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    Manuel Schapira

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    Carole Lambert

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