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The Time Tree

Fall Grants 2017 - Production Stage

Celine Cotran / Short Narrative / Lebanon, United Kingdom, Qatar / 2018 / 22 min / Original Language: English / Interests: Women, Coming of age, Fantasy, Children


Based on the children’s novel by the best-selling author Enid Richemont, ‘The Time Tree’ is a story that combines a coming-of-age with magical realism. Best friends, Rachel and Jo, discover an oak tree one day in a nearby wood. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by Anne, a deaf girl from 1596. She had discovered this tree in her own era and found that it transported her to the present day, where she watches these two strange girls. Intrigued by them, she coaxes them to the tree, and after a near-death encounter, the three girls meet. What follows is a story of Anne’s self-discovery, as she transforms from a timid, neglected little girl, to a confident, self-assured person, who despite her “affliction” (as her mother calls it), is perfectly capable of anything she puts her mind to.


Celine Cotran
Enid Richemont, Celine Cotran
Cleone Clarke, Oliver Sunley
Production Company
C24 Films

About the Director

Celine Cotran is an award-winning British-Lebanese writer and director. A London Film School graduate, she was selected as h Club London's (formerly The Hospital Club) Film Emerging Creative 2019 and is mentored by Will Clarke (Altitude Films) as she develops her first feature, 'Layla In Dreamland', with the support of the BFI Network and Edinburgh Talents Connects. Her previous shorts have been supported by the Doha Film Institute and Trademark Films, nominated and receiving awards at a number of Academy Qualifying festivals. She is a member of Directors UK Access and Inclusion committee, Inspire 2020 and is represented by Knight Hall Agency.


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