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The Road to Mosul

Spring Grants 2016
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Yahya Al Allaq / Feature Narrative / Iraq, Qatar / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Road Trip


Mosul, 2014. Ten-year-old Zaineb and her 14-year-old brother, Yousif escape after ISIS militia attack their village and kill their parents in their house overlooking the Tigris. They try to escape by walking to Amerli, the city where their grandparents live. During their lengthy and dangerous journey, the siblings get lost in the mountains and valleys, and find themselves alone without shelter, food or water. Yousif grows frustrated with Zaineb, who is unable to understand the gravity of the situation. Later, they are captured by an ISIS leader, who tries to sell Zaineb in a slave market. Will Zaineb be able to escape from this dark and dangerous situation? Will she and Yousif get to Amerli safely?


Yahya Al Allaq
Yahya Al Allaq
Yahya Al Allaq

About the Director

Yahya Al Allaq was born in Baghdad. In 2014, he obtained a master’s degree in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He has worked as First Assistant Director on Mohamed Al-Daradji’s ‘Ahlaam’, ‘Son of Babylon’ and ‘Iraq: War, Love, God and Madness’. He has directed three short films, including ‘My Name Is Mohammed’ (2010) and ‘Cola’ (2011), which won prizes at the Beirut International Film Festival and the Gulf Film Festival. More recently, he took part in the Iraqi 35mm Short Film Workshop, where he wrote and directed the short film ‘War Canister’ (2013).

Production Company Profile

As the umbrella organisation co-founded by Mohanad Hayal, the Iraqi Independent Film Center (IIFC) is an independent Iraqi film commission that was established to raise the level of cinematic culture in Iraq through filmmaking workshops and the active promotion, development and enhancement of cinema to overcome the present cultural crisis. In addition, IIFC aims at enforcing modern concepts in the work of the Iraqi film industry such as concepts of production and finance, cultural and cinematic support in all its forms, as well as to work on the details of film distribution based on international models.


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    Yahya Al Allaq

    Iraqi Independent Film Center

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