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The Pact of Aleppo

Spring Grants 2020

Karim Serjieh / Feature Documentary / Syria, France, Qatar / 100 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: War, Creative Documentary


Set in Aleppo from the first demonstrations in 2011 up to the evacuation of the city in 2016, ‘Our Choices’ follows the destiny of the revolution through the eyes of Salah Al Ashkar—the witness and protagonist of an impossible revolution, of a utopia that collided with the wall of reality.


Karim Serjieh
Karim Serjieh
Etienne de Ricaud, Karim Serjieh
Production Company
Caractères Productions

About the Director

Born in 1988 in Aleppo, Karim Serjeh lives today in Paris. He filmed the uprising of Aleppo from 2011 until his evacuation in December 2016. During the war in 2012, he co-founded the Aleppo Media Center and later worked as a cameraman, field producer and independent photographer for several international TV channels and news agencies. In 2012 as well, he set up “Rouh” (“The Soul”), a structure through which he produced or directed short documentary and fiction films. Since 2017 he’s been working on ‘Our Choices’, with images that he has filmed and kept only for this film.


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    Etienne De Ricaud

    Caractères Productions

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