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The Mother of All lies

Fall Grants 2021 - Post-Production Stage

Asmae EI Moudir / Feature Documentary / Morocco, France, Qatar / 85 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Creative Documentary


« The mother of all lies » follows the director as she goes to her parent’s house in Casablanca to help them move. In the family home, as she sorts out her childhood effects, she discovers a picture of children sitting in a yard. At the back, a little girl is sitting on a bench smiling shyly at the camera. It’s the only picture she has of her childhood, the only souvenir her mother can give her. But Asmae is convinced that she is not that little girl in the photo. In the hope of getting her parents to open up, she manipulates this small incident to bring back other memories she suspects. The photo becomes the starting point of investigation in which she questions every small lie her family has told her. Gradually the memories of the entire neighborhood are explored.


Asmae EI Moudir
Asmae EI Moudir
Asmae EI Moudir
Production Company
Insight Films

About the Director

Asmae El Moudir is a director, editor, and producer that has been working in cinema and audiovisual since 2010. She has directed documentaries for SNRT, AlJazeera Documentary, BBC. Asmae has been first assistant director on multiple Moroccan feature films. She has directed three short fiction films and studied at La Fémis where she produced ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ her most awarded film. Staging her family in a chronicle about the Friday couscous and the story of her communist uncle Merzouk was a way of engaging with the political repression during Morocco’s dark years. In 2014, Asmae co-founded the cinematographic production company InsightFilms. In 2020, Asmae directed and produced her first feature film 'The Postcard' selected at IDFA 2020, Visions du reel 2021, Durban IFF 2021, MAAF 2021, and others. Her current project, 'The Mother of All Lies', is a new step in her career. This future project is a Moroccan, German, and Qatar co-production.


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