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The Mother of All Lies

Spring Grants 2019 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Asmae El Moudir / Feature Documentary / Morocco, France, Qatar / 80 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Creative Documentary


Asmae, a 28-year-old Moroccan woman filmmaker doesn’t have any pictures of herself as a child. The only one her mother could provide is an old photograph damaged by time, where we can barely recognize a little girl in the background. It is the only visual evidence she has from her childhood. But Asmae knows it’s not her and she will play with this incident of the strange photograph to tell other stories that she doesn’t believe as well. This sensitive subject will be the starting point of an investigation that unfolds the secrets of a Casablanca family. Using different personal stories of each family members to ground historical political events, Asmae shows how each story of each character contains some lie within it. This will be the plot’s leitmotiv that will expose bigger events and slowly focus on the 1981 “bread riots” by inserting the riots into the story’s weave. Through the memories of her mother, father or grandmother, Asmae is not only drawing a portrait of her family but one of Moroccan society as well.


Asmae El Moudir
Asmae El Moudir
Lucie Rego, Pauline Tran Van Lieu

About the Director

Director, writer and producer Asmae El Moudir has been working in the audiovisual landscape since 2010 and produced numerous documentaries for Arabic channels such as Al Jazeera. Her last short film produced at French school La Fémis, 'Thanks God It’s Friday, Anachronic Memories or the Friday Noon Couscous’ was awarded in many prestigious festivals such as Sao Paulo Mostra, Beirut Film Festival, Africa Movie Academy Awards, etc. Staging her family in a chronicle about the couscous and the story of her communist uncle, was a way of talking about the political repression under the regime of Hassan II.

Production Company Profile

Hutong Productions
Pauline Tran Van Lieu and Lucie Rego met in China in 2015 while they were working in Beijing. They decided to found Hutong Productions a few years later, to launch emerging artists, accompanying them over the long term. Since its founding, the company has received support from French Regional funds, the CNC’s Video Innovation Fund, writing and music grants, Eurodoc, Marseille’s FIDLab, Pitching du Réel and IDFA Bertha Fund.

Insight Films
Insight Films is a production company created in 2014 by Asmae El Moudir. The company produced numerous documentaries for TV channels of the Middle East and Maghreb such as SNRT, Al Jazeera Documentary, BBC and Al Araby TV. The company has also produced Asmae El Moudir’s short films.


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    Asmae El Moudir

    Insight Films

  • Production Company

    Hutong Productions

  • Production Company

    Insight Films

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