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The Maghrebim

Fall Grant 2011 - Production Stage

Ivan Boccara / Feature Documentary / Morocco, France, Qatar / 2014 / 90 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, Berber, French, Hebrew / Interests: Documentary, Politics, History, Immigration, Identity


The director returns to the roots of his family’s history, starting from footage his parents filmed 40 years ago depicting the Jewish population in Ntifa, a village in the Grand Atlas Mountains in Morocco. He revisits the village, where he meets the few remaining Jews, and also visits those who left nearly 40 years ago to go to France and Israel. He explores the role that the Jewish Agency played in convincing people to leave their country to emigrate to Israel. Do they still remember Ntifa? What relationship do they have today with their roots?


Ivan Boccara
Ivan Boccara
Karim Aitouna, Thomas Micoulet

About the Director

Born in Morocco in 1968, Ivan Boccara is based in France and Morocco. He studied cinema and the history of the Berber civilisation in Paris. His work focuses on strong characters, community, minority populations and issues that arise between tradition and modernity. Ivan is also a teacher and advisor in audiovisual and documentary studies.


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