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The Last Displaced

Spring Grants 2020 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRE-PRODUCTION

Muhannad Al Sudany / Short Narrative / Iraq, Qatar / 2021 / 15 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, War


Fadi is a volunteer accompanied by Iraqi Forces. He lost communication with his family once ISIS entered the city. He desperately tries to reach his family’s home during an aggressive battle between Iraqi Forces and ISIS in an alleyway in old Mosul. The soldier that accompanied Fadi is killed by a sniper, and he ends up besieged in a room with a baby. While he tries to rescue himself, the baby cries out from hunger. Fadi is surprised when the sniper guides him to the child’s food. ISIS besieges the area, and after a battle with Iraqi Forces, we discover that the sniper is a young woman.


Muhannad Al Sudany
Muhannad Al Sudany, Mohadeseh Jalilvand
Huda Al Kadhimi

About the Director

Muhannad Al Sudany graduated from sports science and received a diploma in photography from Fiap. He is a photographer and cinematographer, and a member of the Iraqi society of photography, as well as the union of Arab photographers. He is also a member of the Iraqi Film Center, and the Iraqi journalist’s union. Muhannad Al Sudany has worked on three feature films and two documentaries and was the cinematographer for 14 short films. He has also directed one short called 'The Last Breaths', which participated in several festivals and workshops and won many international and local awards.

Production Company Profile

Ishtar Iraq Film Production was established in 2017 by Iraqi young women as a company for producing and distributing independent films in Iraq and the Arab world. IIFP aims to compete with leading film industries in the world and support Iraqi cinematic talents from inside and outside Iraq and encourage and promote Arab cinema talent within the country and around the world. In 2019, IIFP opened a new office in Amman to be a link between the film industry in Iraq and the wider Arab world. With offices in Baghdad and Amman, the company is well-positioned to collaborate with emerging talent and established industry leaders. IIFP’s services include Development, Distribution and Marketing Films, Short, Feature, Fiction, Documentary, and Animation. Ishtar’s extensive experience in physical production and financing supported by its team’s combined backgrounds in business administration, marketing, and social policy ensure an ethical approach to filmmaking that integrates creative and technical choices with social and fiscal responsibility. The company has produced influential films that participate in most leading international festivals, including the documentary ‘Door of The East, Taboo’ directed by the Iraqi Director Medoo Ali. Also, the UK- Iraq co-production, and the 2020 Oscar official selection film for the short’s category, ‘MOSUL 980’ by the Iraqi director Ali Mohammed Saeed, which premiered at Berlinale 2019 and screened in most prestigious festivals worldwide.


  • Main Contact

    Huda Al Kadhimi

    Ishtar Iraq Film Production

  • Production Company

    Ishtar Iraq Film Production


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