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The Garbage Helicopter

Spring Grant 2014 - Production Stage

Jonas Selberg Augustsén / Feature Narrative / Sweden, Qatar / 2015 / 94 min / Black & White / Original Language: Romani, Swedish / Interests: Drama


Somewhere in Sweden, a gigantic dumpster breaks loose from the heavy chain suspending it from a large helicopter. The dumpster hits the ground and garbage spews everywhere. Meanwhile, an aging Roma woman wakes up with a powerful longing. Her old wall clock has been at the clockmaker’s for over a year, and now she feels very strongly that it needs to come home. She calls one of her grandchildren, who solemnly promises to return the clock. Two days later, three Roma youths climb into a car and start the 1,030 kilometre trip to fulfil this promise. A strange journey along Sweden’s long, winding highways begins and proves to be rich in content despite its rather trivial purpose. The youths have more questions than answers about the country they travel through for the first time. And just what is a Garbage Helicopter?


Jonas Selberg Augustsén
Jonas Selberg Augustsén
Andreas Emanuelsson
Production Company
Bob Film Sweden AB
Production Company
Bob Film

About the Director

Jonas Selberg Augustsén began his career as a carpenter before making his way into the world of film via the fashion industry. Starting with the spiritual, self-reflective and playfully pretentious essay film ‘Hus, torn, stenmurar & en och annan drake’, his graduation project from the School of Film Directing at Gothenburg University, he has continued to tell stories in a distinctive style about people and places who exist in borderlands. In 2008, his much-discussed feature-length documentary ‘Trädälskaren’ premiered. His short films ‘Autumn Man’ (2010) and ‘Bogland’ (2011) are the first two films in an intended tetralogy based on the five official minority languages of Sweden. Augustsén is noted for gleaning existential questions from the most mundane situations to provoke entertaining trains of thought.

Awards and Festival History


BFI London Film Festival 2015 (WP)
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 2015
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016, IFFR Live
Chicago European Film Festival 2016
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival 2016
Art Film Fest 2016
Manaki Brothers - In


  • Director

    Jonas Selberg Augustsén

    Bob Film Sweden AB

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