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The Day Vladimir Died

Spring Grants 2020 - Production Stage

Fadi Syriani / Short Narrative / Lebanon, Germany, Qatar / 11 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Animation


Vladimir, an old Beirut resident, checks the obituaries page and attends funerals daily. Following an unusual encounter on his “mourning” routine, Vladimir finds himself searching for his own notice. On his journey, Vladimir tries to cope with the decay and gradual disappearance of loved ones. ‘The Day Vladimir Died’ is a poetic interpretation of a troubling quest to deal with the uncertain and probably imagined end to our mortal and ephemeral presence.


Fadi Syriani
Fadi Syriani
Maryam Al Khulaifi, Jana Wehbe (The Attic Productions), Roland Fischer (Ocean)
Production Company
Ocean Pictures

About the Director

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Fadi Syriani is an animator, a writer/director and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Architecture. In 2018, Fadi founded the Youth Animation Platform (YAP), offering young talents the opportunity to tell their stories through animation. After an intense 90-day shoot in Leipzig, Germany, Fadi is currently finishing his animated short film ‘The Day Vladimir Died’. The film was awarded a Doha Film Institute Cinema Grant for Production (Spring 2020). The film has also received 4 awards at the Animarkt Stop Motion Forum – Lodz, Poland (Oct 2020). The project is also funded by the OIF Francophonie Cinema Fund (Oct 2021), AFAC (Dec 2021), and Netflix (Mar 2022). The film has also received 3 grants from German film funds, through a partnership with Reynard Films.


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