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The Colonel's Stray Dogs

Fall Grant 2015 - Production Stage
Current project status: POST-PRODUCTION

Khalid Shamis / Feature Documentary / Libya, South Africa, Qatar / 72 min / Original Language: Arabic, English / Interests: Politics, History, Social Issues, Creative Documentary



Khalid Shamis

About the Director

Having worked in the film industries of the UK, Middle East and Southern Africa, Khalid Shamis now runs Tubafilms, his own production company, from Cape Town. Shamis has lectured at the WITS University in Johannesburg, holds the South African Guild of Editors acronym and has acquired numerous awards for his work. His feature-length documentary, ‘Imam and I’ (2011), received critical acclaim.

Production Company Profile

Led by Khalid Shamis, Tubafilms is a Cape Town-based production company dedicated to documentary filmmaking in Africa and the Middle East. The company takes projects on board from conception, taking them through development, post-production, broadcast and specific delivery. Tubafilms recognises the continent’s need to nurture storytelling via visual media, and our philosophy is that the art of structure and story is that of death and rebirth. Productions to date include Shamis’s award-winning short film ‘The Killing of the Imam’ (2010), which was named Best South African Short Film at the South African Film and Television Awards, and his feature-length documentary ‘Imam and I’ (2011), which won the Encounters International South African Documentary Festival Audience Award.


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