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The Body Of René

Spring Grants 2019 - Development Stage

Dani Abo Louh / Feature Documentary / France, Qatar / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic, English, French / Interests: Biography, War, Immigration


‘The Body of René’ is a love story interrupted by war and a black body snatched from the memory of its own family. The film crosses over the quests of a family shattered in different places, including the filmmaker himself. It all revolves around the absence of René, a French officer from Martinique who died during combat in the Indochina war back in 1951. His body was never found. Nevertheless, the discovery of a bundle of letters written by him revives buried feelings reminding the filmmaker of his native country, Syria.


Dani Abo Louh
Dani Abo Louh

About the Director

Dani Abo Louh, born in Damascus in 1983, is a videographer, documentary film director and editor. He lived in Russia from 2003 until 2006, where he studied Directing for Theatre at the St Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Art. Since 2011, he has been directing several short films, such as 'Conte de Printemps', 'Randa', and 'No Sea in Damascus'—exploring different genres, which he interweaves in his films.


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