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Valentin Noujaïm / Short Documentary / Lebanon, France, Qatar / 2020 / 25 min / Original Language: Arabic, French / Interests: Experimental


It all happened one dark night. The Man was tired of being a stranger, tired of being insulted by others simply because he speaks Arabic to a wife who speaks French with their beloved mixed-race son. He looked at the sky and shouted. But that night, far in the cosmos, a voice answered. Combining archive documents and collages to create a blend between diary and science-fiction, Valentin Noujaïm retraces the history of his family.


Valentin Noujaïm
Valentin Noujaïm
Orane Gibier, Jowe Harfouche

About the Director

Born in France to Lebanese and Egyptian parents, Valentin Noujaïm is a political science and screenwriting graduate who crafts tales centred around anti-racist movements and disappearing communities. His work questions the relationships of power and domination at stake in French society through the prism of a strong ideal—revolutionary love or the love of revolution. Noujaïm is currently penning his debut feature, 'The Night of Queens'. Filmography includes 'Saturnalia', 'Daughters of Destiny', and 'Venus Retrograde'.

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Visions du Reel 2020 (WP – online edition)


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