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Spring Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Gilbert Karam / TV Series / Lebanon, Qatar / 45 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Action, Drama, Thriller


During the Lebanese revolution, three schoolmates, Dalila, Sherine and Youmna, find themselves in big trouble after mistakenly kidnapping the son of a corrupted politician involved in the Beirut hospital massacre where children were killed by drug trafficking.


Gilbert Karam
Gilbert Karam, Estephan Khattar, Hiba Louis
Pierre Sarraf
Production Company
Né à Beyrouth Films

About the Director

Gilbert Karam is a film director and writer from Beirut. Being raised by a firefighter and a nurse developed his humanitarian sense and influenced his film career. During his studies, Gilbert founded a small photography studio, Le Studio. He pursued his studies and obtained a master's degree in directing, coronated by his second short film inspired by his struggle as an artist, 'Alnajma' (2020), which was nominated to more than 15 local and international film festivals and won many awards. After the Beirut Blast and Lebanese Revolution, Gilbert's recent impactful social films received praise and interaction from the local audience. He is recently writing his first feature and working on his debut series. His latest success was creating a small creature called, Maria! She was the main character in the latest episode he wrote as part the Home of Cine Jam's award-winning poetic series 'Ana Beirut' (I Am Beirut).


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