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Status Quo

Spring Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Gilbert Karam / TV Series / Lebanon, Qatar, Spain, USA / 45 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Action, Drama, Thriller


On a fateful Friday night, five unlikely heroes will be thrown into a dangerous game of justice in the city of Beirut. Dalila, Sherine, and Youmna are having a night out when they find themselves face to face with Rabih Ibrahim, the son of a notorious politician responsible for the tragic death of over 30 innocent children. With no other options, the trio seeks refuge with their friends, the daring drag queens Amin and Salah. But just as they think things couldn’t get any worse, they receive a mysterious call with a frightening ultimatum.

They must announce the kidnapping of Rabih and demand his father’s confession for the hospital massacre. The group is torn between fear and determination, but it’s Dalila who takes the lead, convincing her friends to join her in a risky game that could shake the oppressive system to its core. As they navigate the dangerous terrain, they must outsmart top officials who believe they are facing a terrorist organisation. In the end, they have to decide how far they are willing to go for justice, but their bravery may come at a price.


Gilbert Karam
Gilbert Karam, Estephan Khattar, Hiba Louis
Pierre Sarraf
Production Company
Né à Beyrouth Films

About the Director

Gilbert Karam is a film director and screenwriter from Beirut who holds a master's degree in Film Directing from the Lebanese University. He received recognition for his award-winning short film 'Alnajma' in 2020, which was nominated for 17 local and international film festivals. His debut TV series 'Status Quo,' which is supported by the Doha Film Institute, has already won the VIS Paramount Plus Storytellers Award and the Break The Format Media Award at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment. In addition to his success with 'Status Quo,' Gilbert recently wrote and directed an episode of the award-winning poetic series 'Ana Beirut' (I Am Beirut) as part of the Intuitive Film Lab led by Muriel Aboulrouss.


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