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Speak So I Can See You

Fall Grants 2018

Marija Stojnic / Feature Documentary / Serbia, Croatia, Qatar / 2019 / 75 min / Original Language: Serbo-Croatian / Interests: Music, Art/Literature, Fantasy, Arthouse, Creative Documentary


Set at the intersection of an observational documentary and an audio-visual experiment, this film connects the strangers from the opposite ends of the radio signal and reimagines the role of the old-school, live, spoken word radio in contemporary life. The story follows the daily life of Radio Belgrade – one of Europe’s oldest and Serbia’s only radio station that still broadcasts cultural, scientific, art and drama programming today. A guide through the world of its creators and listeners becomes the Radio itself, as an omnipotent protagonist, with its own will and intentions.


Marija Stojnic
Marija Stojnic
Marija Stojnic, Milos Ivanovic
Production Company
Production Company

About the Director

Marija Stojnic directs films that blur borders between documentary and fiction, and is an alumna of The New School, MA Media Studies (New York) and Academy of Arts (Belgrade). In 2016, Marija founded the production house Bilboke in Serbia. 'Speak So I Can See You' is her feature-length directorial debut. Marija is a member of DOKSerbia, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow for 2015 and a Brazilian Instituto Sacatar fellow for 2017.

Awards and Festival History


"IDFA 2019 (WP)
Thessaloniki Documentary FF 2020"


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