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Fall Grants 2018 - Post-Production Stage
Current project status: COMPLETED

Carlos Piñeiro / Feature Narrative / Bolivia, Qatar / 2019 / 80 min / Original Language: Spanish / Interests: Drama, Social Issues, Identity


Lake Titicaca, 1984. Renowned La Paz engineer Morgan Cabrera drowns in a boating accident. An unfruitful search for his body comes to a halt when confirmation arrives from a faraway island. A task group sets off to retrieve the corpse: Engineer Peralta, his associate; Engineer Kunurana, assistant; officer Rilber Silva, a seasoned local policeman; Saturnino Poma, a bilingual community member who besides navigating the boat, will become the translator for two confronting worlds. The story begins with the group aboard a small boat and chronologically narrates the events of a single day, in the lives of the characters. When the engineers arrive, the community members, who speak only Aymara, refuse to return the corpse, because according to their sacred beliefs, doing so would ward off the possibility of a bountiful harvest. When the community members finally allow them to take the corpse, it never reaches its destination.


Carlos Piñeiro
Juan Pablo Piñeiro, Diego Loayza
Juan Pablo Piñeiro, Carlos Piñeiro

About the Director

Carlos Piñeiro was born in the city of La Paz in 1986. He has directed a series of four short films, all awarded at different festivals: 'Martes de Challa' (2008); 'Max Jutam' (2010); 'Plato Paceño' (2013) and 'Amazonas' (2015). Piñeiro has also worked on over fifteen Bolivian and international feature films as a producer, assistant director, and art director. Piñeiro is currently in post-production on 'Sirena', his first feature film.

Production Company Profile

Socavón Cine is a filmmaking collective of young Bolivian filmmakers. They have produced over eleven short and feature films, selected in over 200 festivals around the world. Their latest feature film 'Dark Skull' (2016) directed by Kiro Russo, has become the most awarded film in the history of Bolivian cinema.


  • Main Contact

    Juan Pablo Piñeiro

    Socavon cine

  • Production Company

    Socavon Cine

    +591 224 117 66

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