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Saffron's Land

Fall Grants 2017 - Development Stage

Yassine El Idrissi / Feature Narrative / Morocco, Qatar / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Politics, History, Identity


In the Atlas Mountains lies Safrana, an isolated village that was repeatedly attacked by the French army in the 1940s for its prized plantation of saffron. To protect themselves and live in peace, the residents decided to stop cultivating the valuable spice. After their independence and without this profitable crop, the village declined into poverty. The local people still believe that the flower is cursed, but one man, Hassan, attempts to grow saffron to prove them wrong.


Yassine El Idrissi
Yassine El Idrissi
Yassine El Idrissi

About the Director

From graphic design to news photography, Yassine El Idrissi explored different professions before becoming a storyteller in film. El Idrissi worked several years as a successful photojournalist in newspapers and international news agencies until he found that to satisfy his urge to tell the stories he needed cinema. El Idrissi graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2013 with the short 'The Iranian Film'. He also produced a documentary in Syria that was sold to Dutch national television. 'Honey and Old Cheese' (2016), Yassine's latest short was screened at Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


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