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QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRE-PRODUCTION

Majid Al-Remaihi / Short Experimental or Essay / Qatar / 15 min / Interests: Documentary


Pastimes explores the birth of an Arab museum of Modern Art as seen through a documentarist’s lens. It posits the camera as a tool for studying, and illuminating the museum’s infrastructure as a factory for the processing, documenting and showcasing of Arab art. As a space, the museum provides for the filmmaker the conditions where Arab art gets to be remembered and written, or sometimes rewritten, into history, or more importantly into personal memory.

About the Director

Majid Al Remaihi is a Qatari filmmaker and artist. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology. Majid is interested in the practice of filmmaking as a tool to further investigate the institutional and social purview of art in Qatar and the Gulf. He is also part of the artist collective Ab6al (with Abdullah Al Mutairi and Sarah Abu Abdallah) that explores the crossover of youth and ideas of development in the Gulf. He recently completed his first short film, 'Domestic Acoustics', through the DFI’s Documentary Lab, which explored the scope of domesticity as a space for art and concealed life.


  • Director

    Majid Al-Remaihi


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