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Spring Grants 2023 - Post-Production Stage

Joe Houlberg Silva / Feature Documentary / Ecuador, Belgium, Qatar / 77 min / Original Language: Kichwa


The Cuviví is the only bird that inexplicably commits suicide. While most of the migrating human population in the Americas travels from south to north, the grassland bird flies in the opposite direction. Don Feliciano waits for the arrival of the animals once a year to harvest the carcasses on the immense beaches of the Ozogoche lagoons. Her granddaughter Sisa, a girl entering puberty dreaming of new opportunities, must decide whether her future will be in the community or away from it. While the indigenous Kichwa community waits for those who left to cross the USA-Mexico border, the birds’ pilgrimage is welcomed to be eaten. Both Feliciano and his family struggle for the subsistence of their culture in the face of the threats of disappearing due to the temptations of the emigration phenomenon.


Joe Houlberg Silva
Joe Houlberg Silva, Andrés Cornejo
Andrés Cornejo, Joe Houlberg Silva
Production Company
Boton Films, Serendipity

About the Director

Joe Houlberg Silva studied Film and Philosophy at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and a Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2010 he premiered his first short film 'Beueu'. He produced 'Tinta Sangre' (2012) by Mateo Herrera and 'El Telón' (2013) by Victor Arregui. In 2017, Joe Houlberg Silva premiered his short film 'A' at the Geneva Biennial. He is currently directing 'Ozogoche' (2023) and is also the General Producer of La Hiedra (2022).


  • Main Contact

    Karim Aitouna


  • Main Contact

    Joe Houlberg Silva

    Botón Films

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