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Out of Place

Fall Grants 2020 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Mohammed Al-Madjalawi / Feature Documentary / Sweden, Qatar / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic, English, Swedish / Interests: Coming of age, War, Immigration, Identity, Creative Documentary


Mohammed, a chubby adolescent, is dancing the Dabke with his teenage friends in the cultural centre of Jabalia refugee camp, Palestine in the year 2000. His parents brought him here to make sure that Israeli soldiers wouldn’t take him off the street, as he already looks like an adult, even though he’s only 12. But Mohammed’s dancing doesn’t impress the teacher, and instead of dancing lessons, he’s given a camera. The dancers he films become Mohammed’s closest and most intimate friends. When the war breaks out, Adham, Shahed and Mustapha dance on the rubble of buildings with the others, Mohammed is there with his camera. He films their dreams and despair, their way to resist through dance and laughter. Ten years later, Mohammed lives in Sweden, and his closest friends are scattered all across Europe. He continues to film them to understand their shared story and what growing up really means.


Mohammed Al-Madjalawi
Mohammed Al-Madjalawi
Manolo Diaz Rämö, Beatrice Pourbagher Garcia

About the Director

Mohammed Al-Majdalawi was born in Palestine and has a master’s degree in documentary film from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. While living in the Gaza Strip, he worked as crew for several international films including 'Bridges Over Blood' and 'Eyewitness Gaza' and made his own short film, 'Gaza Art Through Barbed Wire'. He is currently working on his documentary features 'Out of Place' and 'To Mai'.

Production Company Profile

Filmilia is a newly founded production company based in Malmö and Gothenburg that produces short, feature and TV-series, both documentaries and fiction. It focuses on new upcoming voices from Swedish filmmakers that are part of the global south diaspora. It emphasizes local stories with an international perspective with the belief that film is a crucial part of the global narrative of mankind.


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