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Spring Grant 2015 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

Fahad Al Kuwari / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2016 / 15 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Comedy


During Friday prayers, Khalid notices that the khutbah does not start as early as usual. His friend Ahmed tells him to pay attention to the imam and stop talking. Puzzled, Khalid looks toward the minbar, only to realise that the imam is indeed preaching – but Khalid can’t hear him. He also notices the imam is wearing a brown paper bag with a red smile drawn on it. Confused, he asks his friend for an explanation. Ahmed advises Khalid to see a doctor, fearing that his friend has become “one of them”. When the doctor can offer no help, Ahmed suggests that Khalid wear a similar paper bag to see whether that might solve the problem.


Fahad Al Kuwari
Fahad Al Kuwari
Mary Bugg
Executive Producer
Bassam Al Ibrahim, Khalid Al Jaber

About the Director

Born in Qatar in 1990, Fahad Ahmed J. Al-Kuwari is an independent writer-filmmaker. He was raised in the suburbs of Doha, which influences the setting of most of his works. Al-Kuwari comes from an arts and design background, and never studied film in an academic context. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. He was introduced to filmmaking through working in production design, which is apparent in the aesthetic of his work. Al-Kuwari has worked on several short films, including Ali Al Anssari’s ‘Qarar’ (2014) and Sarah Al-Derham’s ‘Ghazil’ (2012). He wrote Al Anssari’s ‘I’ (2013), and wrote and directed ‘Ruqya’ (2011). His first participation in a major feature-length film was on the set of Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ (2012).

Production Company Profile

Innovation Films is a film and television production company whose main vision is to create a solid film industry that exports world-class filmmaking. Past productions include the feature film ‘Lockdown: Red Moon Escape’, as well as several successful short films; the company also co-produced the American indie title ‘KillCam’. Innovation prides itself on creating and nurturing local talent, both in front of and behind the camera, and most crew members working with Innovation are local film professionals or trainees. We actively contribute to local expertise by having interns shadow industry professionals on set and placing trainees on commercials, and short and feature films. Innovation also conducts scriptwriting, producing and directing classes, and weekly acting workshops overseen by Academy Award nominee Scander Copti.


  • Director

    Fahad Al Kuwari

    Innovation Films

  • Main Contact

    George Chalouhi

    Innovation Films

  • Production Company

    Innovation Films


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