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Ya Hoota

QFF 2016 - Production Stage

Latifa Al-Darwish, Abdulaziz Yousif Ahmed / Short Narrative / Qatar / 10 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Animation, Comedy


A curious little girl is determined to save the Moon from a lunar eclipse, all to find out what happens next in the story her grandmother is telling. As there will be no moonlight if the eclipse takes place, the little girl searches for the mythological characters in her grandmother’s stories in order to utilise their magical powers so that she can reach the Moon. Along with her cousin, she leaves the house in search of the Afternoon Donkey. She strongly believes in the mythical creature’s existence, while her cousin wants to prove otherwise. Their grandmother reveals to them that she is in fact the Afternoon Donkey, and although she fails to help the girls reach the Moon, they accidentally get there by way of the Man on the Moon’s fishing net, and learn that the Moon is in no danger from the whale. They later return home to tell their grandmother their story.

About the Director

Latifa Al-Darwish is an award-winning independent filmmaker and television producer who uses animation and documentary formats to tell unheard local stories. She graduated from Northwestern University in Qatar with a BSc in communication and studied culture and the creative Industries at King’s College London. Her films include ‘Bader’ (co-director, 2012), which was selected for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and ‘Temsah’ (2013), which also appeared at Abu Dhabi. She has also created animations for the @Wransade safe driving campaign and for @3yooznews with the team from Qartoon. Her latest film, ‘Ya Hoota’ (co-directed), received various awards in international film festivals.

Abdulaziz Yousef, also known as Temsa7 (which means crocodile in Arabic), is a Qatari artist and storyboard illustrator who began his career in 2013 as a comic artist. Abdulaziz holds a double major bachelor of finance and marketing degree and has also studied arts in the US. His project selections include character design for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ‘Diplomatic Kid Project’ as well as character design and plot for ‘Bader’, a Qatari anime series. Abdulaziz also created “Saham”, the Jeem Cup Mascot, winning a bronze International Promax for the campaign. Abdulaziz had three personal galleries showcasing his art—Arabian Nights Gallery, Escapism Gallery, and Process Gallery, and has collaborated on many art projects around Qatar, including the Msherieb Metro station public art project, curation of Leblockde and Re-Action art galleries and the creation of the Unlearning Maze conceptual art experience. Abdulaziz is an international award-winning filmmaker with six awards for the short film ‘Yahoota’ (2020).


  • Director

    Latifa Al-Darwish


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