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Odd town

Spring Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Mohammed Fakhroo / Short Narrative / Qatar / 20 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Road Trip, Social Issues, Fantasy, Tradition


Khaled, a young man, starts his day with his usual morning routine. Before leaving, his father asks him to collect an important item from someone. Khaled decides to invite his friend Faisal to join him on his trip. When they arrive at the location, they are surprised to see an old mud town. The pair has odd encounters with the locals while being unwittingly morally, philosophically and ethically tested by the king and his followers to decide if they can leave.


Mohammed Fakhroo
Mohammed Fakhroo
Moamen Ghanim
Production Company
The Film House

About the Director

Mohammed Fakhroo is a young Qatari in his early twenties, studying media and cultural production in the United Kingdom. He has been interested in filmmaking since his youth and began by making videos on social media platforms. A photographer, video maker and art enthusiast, Mohammed has been active in the photography scene in Qatar, joining Analog Qatar and Akkas Center as well as having the chance to exhibit his work. His passion was influenced by his father to take photos and love film. His stories focus on bringing a real and unique touch to the industry. He has continued his pursuit in Met film, London, where he was made a certified filmmaker and developed skills in directing and cinematography.


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    Moamen Ghanim


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    Mohammed Fakhroo

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