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QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage

Shaikha Al-Thani / Short Narrative / Qatar / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama


A young man going through a family heartbreak finds Nasser, a 10-year-old boy, fast asleep in the back seat. An unlikely friend in a series of events that take place between his school, her home and IKEA and a falconry festival, they discover ways to help each other make decisions to move forward in their lives.

About the Director

Shaikha Al-Thani was born in Qatar. She studied Journalism and Politics at Northwestern University in Qatar, graduating with a BA and a Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies. After directing the short documentary ‘The Triangle’, she studied screenwriting and honed her writing practice while on an internship in New York City. She is currently developing the screenplay for the feature-length project ‘Little River’.


  • Screenwriter

    Shaikha Al-Thani

    Brand Qatar

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