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My Dream To Fly

Fall Grants 2021 - Development Stage

Asmaa Gamal / Feature Documentary / Egypt, Qatar / 1 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Documentary


Ali, Salama, and Helewa live in a slum in Qalyoub Sanafir, Cairo. They also share the same passion for Chinese motorcycles. In the daytime, they earn a living by working in the city’s crowded streets on their motorbikes. But at night, their motorbikes switch from being a means of transportation and become the medium for play and entertainment—transforming their relationship with the city. Through their navigation of the streets on their motorbikes and their nighttime games, they challenge each other to become local hero characters, to earn the respect of people in their neighbourhood and city streets. By following these characters, we will see the world through their eyes—learn about their relationship with the wider world of the slum in which they live, as well as the dreams that help them escape their daily realities. Their dreams enable them to build a strong sense of self, a space to express themselves freely, despite the constant hurdles they face along the way.


Asmaa Gamal
Asmaa Gamal

About the Director

Asmaa Gamal is an independent photographer and director. She studied media and has a master’s degree in Drama and Television. Asmaa has directed many independent short films and video art such as ‘Astrox’, ‘The Letter You Sent’ and ‘Masrya’, which have been shown in local and international festivals such as the Afrika Film festival in Belgium and Macau International Short Film Festival. Her short films have won four awards, such as the Mentor Arab Film Festival in Jordan, a Platinum Award from the Independent Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, and two Jury Awards from Festivals Cairo short films and the Masr Dot Bokra Festival. For two years, Asmaa was also a part of the jury team at ٍReel Youth Festival in Canada


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