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Mohammad Saved from the Waters

Spring Grant 2011 - Production Stage

Safaa Fathy / Feature Documentary / Egypt, France, Qatar / 2012 / 93 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Documentary


After six years of dialysis and because he refused to accept a transplant, my brother Mohammad died. His kidneys failed because of water. The Nile is sick. Fifty-two canals dump human and industrial waste into the river, destroying fish, flora and human kidneys. Mohammad believed a donor’s body wasn’t for him to take, that it belongs to God. In Egypt, many believe the same yet organ trafficking is widespread, lucrative and laws prohibiting the organ trade are largely ignored. The story of Mohammad explores body, tradition, religion and family in a modern Egypt confronted with the most rapid changes of its 5,000-year history.


Safaa Fathy
Safaa Fathy
Delphine Morel

About the Director

Safaa Fathy was born in Minia, Egypt in 1958. She is the director of many films, including ‘D’ailleurs, Derrida’ (1999). Inspired by her film about the renowned French philospoher, she co-wrote ‘Tourner les mots’ and ‘Au bord d’un film’ with Jacques Derrida. She has authored many poetry collections in Arabic, and has staged a dozen theatre plays.

Awards and Festival History


Montpellier Festival of Mediterranean Cinema 2013 (France)
Dok Leipzig 2013 (Germany)
The Ismailia International Film Festival 2013 (Egypt)
Lussas Doc Film Festival 2013 (France)
Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2012 (UAE)


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