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للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Oliver Laxe Coro / Feature Narrative / Spain, Morocco, France, Qatar / 2016 / 93 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Road Trip, Identity


An elderly sheikh, nearing death, seeks to travel to his birthplace in the Atlas Mountains so he may find final rest among his family and loved ones, but the road is treacherous and more than the caravan that accompanies him can manage. When the old man dies, a guide is recruited from a ragtag group of itinerant workers, and he takes on the task of leading the small party of three whose task it is to return the old man’s body home.

Bordering on the surreal, ‘Mimosas’ travels deeper and deeper into the mountain range, seeming to dislocate itself in time and becoming an inner journey of endurance, passion and will. The duty-bound men are increasingly focused on their goal to the extent that it becomes a moral mission; one by one they face their doubts and fears, gaining strength from hardship and faith from failure.

Drawn in part from director Oliver Laxe’s experiences of exploring Sufism, the film is a stunningly beautiful (16mm cinematography splendidly captures the wild elegance of the landscape, its wide-open plains contrasting with its narrow, craggy passes), carefully considered and deeply moving meditation on the possibilities of approaching, and perhaps convening with, the divine.


Oliver Laxe
Santiago Fillol, Oliver Laxe
Lamia Chraibi, Nadia Turincev, Felipe Lage Coro

About the Director

Oliver Laxe lives and works in Morocco. His first feature-length film, ‘You All Are Captains’ (2010) was premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight at the Festival de Cannes, where he received the FIPRESCI Prize. He is one of the founders of Zeitun Films. He is currently working on a new feature, ‘Yihad’.

Production Company Profile

Zeitun Films was created in 2009 under the management of Felipe Lage Coro. Since its launch, Zeitun has taken on an important role in the production of art-house films in Spain. The company’s first film, Oliver Laxe’s multiple-award-winning ‘You All Are Captains’ (2010) was the first-ever Galician film selected for the Festival de Cannes. It was followed by Eloy Enciso’s ‘Arraianos’ (2012), which screened at the Festival del Film Locarno; Alberto Gracia’s ‘The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser’ (2013), which received the FIPRESCI Prize at the International Film Festival Rotterdam; Lois Patiño’s ‘Coast of Death’ (2013), which took the Best Emerging Director Award at Locarno; and Enrique Rivero’s ‘Pozoamargo’ (2015). With its commitment to the world of cinema, Zeitun Films seeks to engage the creativity, talent and passion of young filmmakers.

Awards and Festival History


Toronto International Film Festival 2016, Wavelenghts
Milano Film Festival 2016, Feature Film Competition
BFI London Film Festival 2016
Busan International Film Festival 2016, Flash Forward
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016, Another View


Nespresso Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival 2016, Critics' Week (WP)
Critics Prize, Minsk International Film Festival 2016
Jury Special Prize, Seville International Film Festival 2016
Pyramide d'Or and Best Actor, Cairo International Film Festival 2016


  • Director

    Oliver Laxe

  • Main Contact

    Felipe Lage Coro

    Zeitun Films
    +34 981 907 752

  • Production Company

    Zeitun Films

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